So, who actually is Ben Green?

Well, the easy response would be, it's me! But lets dive a bit deeper. I'm a 17 year old, Creative Digital Media student. I've been involved in the media for the past 5 years, starting off in secondary school by helping to photograph sporting and award events and then later on producing 2 award ceremonies including motion graphics and creating a plethora of digital products.

I am a photographer, cinematographer and website developer and also have 8 years of experience in technical support. I have 5 years experience and 2 diploma qualifications in media.

I provide services for a wide range of digital projects — primarily focusing on website development and design with a key eye for search engine optimisation and speed (have you seen how quickly this website loads!?). Alongside website products, having a background in IT I can setup a professional business with cloud storage, email and more. Having been a hobbiest photographer for the past 4 years, I also know my way around a camera, providing professional, detailed shots of products, people and events.

Portrait of Ben Green

Previous Experience

I've worked in various positions at established companies. Below is a short resume of the companies I've worked with/for.

Bistro My Way

Build and manage a new website for an authentic French Bistro, allowing potential customers to book a table, browse the menus and find out any necessary information.

Castle Surveyors

Website Migration & WordPress Optimisation Engineer Hired freelance to optimise loading times, image responsiveness, SEO performance on leading search engines and flexibility on mobile devices and migrated website to a new hosting provider.

Freelance Video Editor

Weekly Video Editor for YouTube Channel (20,000,000 views) Responsible for producing 3+ videos per week, resulting in growing interpersonal, marketing, presentational, time management and organisation skills.

Junior IT Support Technican

I assist teachers with technical support, maintaining and resolving issues with smart boards, projectors and laptops. Imaging new devices using secure boot and PXEBoot. Using Spiceworks Helpdesk to receive and assist in technical support, logging changes and progress.

My Skills


  • User Experience
  • Camera Operation
  • Web Development
  • Technical Support
  • Video Production
  • Digital Organisation
  • Website Development
  • Search Engine Optismiation

Tools and Technologises

  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Active Directory + Windows Server
  • Squarespace Website Design
  • Microsoft 365 (Outlook & Word)
  • GitHub Code Repositories
  • Google Analytics

Other Skills

  • Static HTML & CSS Coding
  • Commercial & Personal Photography
  • Digital Organisation & Management
  • Cloud Organisation Systems

My full skillset can be found on my LinkedIn page.

Get in touch!

Are you interested in working on your digital appearance or have general questions? I'm available to contact via a number of platforms. For business enquiries, contact me on LinkedIn or via email, or if you want to contact me for a non-business related matter, direct message me on Instagram!

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