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Securing Your Business Email

November 1, 2020,

Seeing how not having a valid DMARC record on your website can result in even the largest organisations having emails spoofed and sent from official email addresses, it should be vital that anyone with a domain and an email address acts on adding a verified record.

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How You Should Write a Privacy Policy – in a friendly way!

October 30, 2020,

Something that is either overlooked, ignored or can be completely bloated is a privacy policy. Even if you're running a small blog or portfolio website, by law, you must have some form of a privacy policy.

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How To Make Your Website Faster

September 29, 2020,

How many times have you been browsing and got frustrated with loading times? Is having a slow website worth the loss in revenue and future customers?

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Security Practices for Small Businesses

September 27, 2020

Many small businesses may at some point in their lifespan go through the detriment of having social media, websites or personal information hacked or leaked. It is absolutely vital that you secure all information and accounts.

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