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Securing Your Business Email

November 1, 2020,

Seeing how not having a valid DMARC record on your website can result in even the largest organisations having emails spoofed and sent from official email addresses, it should be vital that anyone with a domain and an email address acts on adding a verified record.

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How You Should Write a Privacy Policy – in a friendly way!

October 30, 2020,

Something that is either overlooked, ignored or can be completely bloated is a privacy policy. Even if you're running a small blog or portfolio website, by law, you must have some form of a privacy policy.

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Don’t Just Have A Website, Have a Digital Brand

October 29, 2020,

Creating the content you want to promote is difficult as this is what portrays your business, but once you've made your website, what do you do with it? Maybe update it occasionally so the information is up to date?

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Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

October 18, 2020,

When making your business appear online, either through a website, social media profile or simply just by setting up your company on Google My Business, it's important that it's done properly, ensuring all information is delivered to your prospective customers and doing so in a friendly manner.

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How To Make Your Website Faster

September 29, 2020,

How many times have you been browsing and got frustrated with loading times? Is having a slow website worth the loss in revenue and future customers?

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Getting Your Business Started With A Website

September 28, 2020,

This article will go over how to get your website setup, how to host your website, what a domain name is, what it should be and how to get one, along with other important parts like search engine optimisation and performance.

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The Battle of Building My Website

September 28, 2020,

If you ask any developer, designer, product manager or anyone who works in the field of technology who plays a role in creating a product, most often, if you ask, you'll find out that they probably had a tough time deciding on what their website was going to look like.

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