Don’t Just Have A Website, Have a Digital Brand

There are hundreds of reasons why people or companies want to have a website and writing a list of why would cover an entire article on its own. Ranging from an online store to sell products or a portfolio to sell yourself, there’s a load of factors that can decide what your website content will entail.

Creating the content you want to promote on your website is difficult as this is what portrays you/your business, but once you’ve made your website, what do you do with it? Maybe update it occasionally so the information is up to date? Well, that would be a good idea but this isn’t where you should stop with your website.

One way that you can keep your website and digital brand up-to-date is by consistently producing high-quality photographs that can show off your services, products or your own personality. Just by updating the images on your social profiles or websites, it shows that you are continuing to provide your services/products along with being engaged in the community that you will be building as a result of owning a business.

An example of a brand that I’ve worked with that is doing this is Bistro My Way. They frequently take good quality photos and post them to their social media profiles, whether that be Instagram or Facebook – along with updating their menus regularly on their website.

How Do I Establish My Brand?

It’s not easy to get started with making your brand really well established and noticeable by everyone. It’s important that you’ve got the building blocks sorted for your business, like a well-designed logo, a website is a key part of branding, along with securing social media handles (the username you have on social media).

Ask yourself this, what are you trying to promote? What is the purpose in doing this? Will it be worth the time and potential investment in marketing? These are the main questions you must answer to begin engaging in brand establishment.

If you’re a small business, you’d be trying to promote your business and what you provide to your prospective customers. As a new business, the time you spend marketing and developing your brand is just as important as registering and developing the business as a whole. If people don’t know who you are or what you do, you won’t make any revenue and you won’t survive as a business.

As a small business, you are eligible for a wide range of grants that you can spend on websites, marketing and other digital infrastructure. It’s strongly suggested that you research these and spend the money you are entitled to on getting your business out there. The UK Government has a search page available for finding financial support and SimplyBusiness has written an article on all the different types of grants you can get as a small business.

It’s vital that before you work on your brand identity, you consider what the target market of your business is – for example, if you’re a high-quality, high-priced restaurant, you wouldn’t want to promote yourself with a cartoon font and instead you’d want a serif font that is more traditional. Once you’ve figured things like this out, you’re able to match this style over the whole of your businesses appearance.

If you want to ensure your branding is consistent, high-quality and matches your brand exactly, it’s best if you hire a digital consultant, marketer or someone with experience in designing brands.


  • Ensure that your business has a unique brand identity through colours, fonts and logos.
  • Make sure you own your name entirely. Have it across all social medias, own the domain address, register it on Google My Business
  • Look what grants your business can get to help fund your marketing and business development.
Advertisement Design for Desktop and Mobile Marketing
Advertisement Design for Desktop and Mobile Marketing

Thank you for reading my blog post, if you have any feedback or questions, please email me and I'd love to have a conversation with you! This article was written on October 29, 2020.