Why You Should Outsource Your Digital Marketing

When making your business visible online, either through a website, social media profile or simply just by setting up your company on Google My Business, it’s important that it’s done properly, ensuring all information is delivered to your prospective customers and doing so in a friendly manner.

Even though it may be a simple, small business that you’re running on the side, it’s vital that you promote yourself and your business in a way that shows the true quality of the product and service you provide.

Some businesses may not require a website, but there’s no reason to not use social media to update your current and future customers on what your business is doing, how your products and services are being used and other valuable information on what you’re doing.

Here’s the reasons to consider a digital consultant, like me, to help you with creating social media content, advertisements or your website.

Why should you hire a website developer rather than making one yourself?

There are a whole plethora of reasons to outsource your website creation – just to name a few, social media optimisation, clean code, optimised for your target audience and designed specifically to your interest.

Creating a website from scratch, on your own, without any prior experience in website construction, can be daunting, difficult and frustrating. Having someone dedicated to creating your website can take away a lot of the issues, letting you focus on the core content you want to be at the centre of your website and your developer or designer can deal with the issues and complications of creating a unique website.

Although the way a website is made is not obvious (unless you explicitly look for it), it should be something you ask as this which change the way that you can change your website in the future and may require you to pay more attention to your websites hosting as it may need maintenance too. Your website developer should always tell you how to change your website and provide you with the tools to do so.

Why should you outsource your social media marketing?

The reason for outsourcing social media marketing is similar to why you should outsource your website development. If you want to succeed in marketing, you will need some sort of background in marketing and advertisement with an established understanding in search engine and social media optimisation along with having a good way with words (experience in copywriting).

Although everyone has the ability to snap a photo of a product, write a caption, put some hashtags on it and call your post a day, this isn’t a thoughtful way to promote your business. It’s vital you or your digital consultant puts the time into finding the right keywords for your product to attract the audience you want and show your product in the best way possible.

Most of the time, it’s also cheaper to outsource things like marketing as it would save time that you could be spending developing new products and services and also giving you the peace of mind that it’s being sorted by a professional.

Decided you want someone to manage your digital marketing?

So you want to hire someone to sort out your digital marketing, but where do you start? It’s important you find someone who understands your company and follows the same values as you and your company.

You could hire a freelancer on a monthly basis to produce a set amount of marketing products or you could employ someone to be your digital marketing consultant – it doesn’t matter how or who you get to do this, as long as the quality and consistency is there to make sure your company appears as dynamic as possible, constantly pushing out the same good quality content.

I can help produce you a bespoke, fast and well-optimised website with copywriting, high-quality photographs and provide a list of keywords you can use on your social media profiles. Visit my hire page to get started!

Getting started with anything online can be difficult, but hopefully this article has gave you an insight on why outsourcing these projects is the best way to go.

Thank you for reading my blog post, if you have any feedback or questions, please email me and I'd love to have a conversation with you! This article was written on October 18, 2020.