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Worried about who's handling your work? I work with reputable businesses such as Castle Surveyors and Bistro My Way so you can trust me to work hard to produce something you can be proud of using. I work with flexible timeframes, best suited to your time and deadlines and can provide detailed logs on the work I do and the times it takes. Any data I am provided is securely stored on independent hard drives and is only shared with the people working on your project - which is just me! For the extensive rundown on how your project is completed and how data is handled, visit the privacy policy and terms and conditions of my website and projects.

If you are looking for just a quote before you set your budget, please use my contact page and select business enquiries. My website projects will start around £250 however this price will vary depending on content, amount of pages and other features. Any photography-related project will have a minimum cost of £50 to cover equipment and travel. Contact me for more details.

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