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Digital Infrastructure

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Project Introduction

I started working with Bistro My Way in late 2018, prior to them opening their restaurant in mid-2019. I had built them a website from scratch, using HTML, CSS and PHP technologies for the purpose of allowing potential customers to book a table, browse the menus and find out any necessary information. The initial design was based on a modern approach. The restaurant management were able to adjust and upload their weekly menus through a provided system and held a responsive design for mobile platforms.

Approaching Bistro My Way's second year of being open, they have established a clear market in Highcliffe for serving high-quality food with an authentic French atmosphere. The initial website that I developed for them was based on a modern bistro which did not suit the formal presence they had. I began by sketching out a basic design and then moved to Adobe XD to start compiling a basic plan for how the website would be structured.

Inside of Bistro My Way

Upgraded Features

The new Bistro My Way website comes with a number of different features to display a professional attitude to the customers. In order to keep a streamlined, yet detailed experience on their website, I implemented the following features to give a thoughtful and friendly user experience to the customers and the staff.

Digital Infrastructure

  • Uniformed email addresses accessible through their Gmail account
  • Simple digital file management to update weekly menus
  • Automatic confirmation emails sent to customers to give customers quick updates on their reservations

Website features

  • Responsive Design - made around the primary use on mobile based on statistics taken from the previous iteration of the website.
  • Well-navigated menus so customers can find the information they want and quickly
  • Precise search engine optimisation to ensure ranking in search engines
  • Static generation for fast and optimised loading speeds

Developing the Design

The design was discussed with the owner of the bistro to effectively communicate his brand across to his future customers that book through the website. The atmosphere of the bistro was adapted to the website by using the same colours and fonts as used inside. The design was initially built in Adobe XD, then coded using PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript to provide a fast and secure website.


I began by working through a list of typography styles which would best suit the content shown. As a result of the formality that the bistro established, a serif font was the clear winner, which I chose Lora from Google Fonts for any headings. To accompany this font in paragraphs and navigation, I chose Nunito Sans as it remains bold and enticing, while a smoother, cursive appearance.

The typography used on the Bistro's website

Colour Palette

The colour theme remained consistent with the previous design as the bistro's building uses the same colours and was still suitable for the brand identity.

The colour palette used on the Bistro's website


The navigation on the previous design was obvious, however not displayed in an appropriate way as it did not seem part of the website and instead 'thrown' onto the page. The new website is designed mobile-first, resulting in a responsive navigation bar. The navigation is fixed to the top of the page, enhancing the user experience by having instant access to navigating the sitemap.

The mobile navigation menu used on the Bistro's website

Call To Action

The overall purpose of the website is to call visitors to book a table which is promoted through the new call to action at the top of all pages, accompanied by a suitable heading image. Having the call to action front and centre on the website is the first thing any visitor sees, resulting in more conversions of physical visits.

The call to actions on the home page of the Bistro's website.


To accompany the content on their website, I provided them with high-quality images of their establishment as well as some of the food they have on offer.