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I met Helanna in late 2018 after coming across a post on Facebook in which she was advertising her tuition services via a low quality graphic. I created her a modern, high quality brochure graphic which she could use to promote her business with a more brand appropriate graphic. After this discussion, she asked me if I could produce a website alongside the graphic to further her brand recognition online. She provided me with a list of pages and content that she'd like added to the website, which I then designed and built into a functioning website.

In early 2020, I suggested an update design, which I proposed a new brand style-scape that could be rolled out throughout Burt Education's social media along with a new website design and architecture following modern design language and more appropriate for mobile viewing. A key part of websites is having an obvious entry point and call-to-action, giving the users of the website something to go to and engage with - resulting in the vibrant call to action buttons on the majority of the page headers along with a home page alert bar advertising applications for tuition.

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