Castle Surveyors

You can visit their live site to see the optimised WordPress configuration that Castle Surveyors is using.

Website Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation

GDPR Compliance

Wayne Norcliffe, the director of Castle Surveyors, approached me enquiring optimisation for his WordPress website. His website was initially running at a 8.6 seconds load speed with a total page size of 3MB and a total of 131 requests to other websites. The website was image heavy, resulting in the large website size and was not serving full-sized images.

The project lasted 2 weeks, in which I setup a local WordPress environment, migrated the website locally and worked through a list of steps I had created based on the feedback taken from performance websites such as GTMetrix and improved the overall performance.


  • Initial loading speed was 8.6 seconds and was lowered to 6.8 seconds, however the page is displayed around 2 seconds due to the pre-loaded images.
  • Total page size decreased from 2.96mb to 2.63mb.
  • 131 HTTP requests reduced to 98 (Castle Surveyors links to many other pages who place their cookies on his website for business purposes such as CheckATrade.)

Processes of Optimisation

  • Enabling G-Zip on the Apache (web) server.
  • Optimising all images on the website by compressing and creating thumbnails.
  • Decrease the amount of issues and errors displayed on performance services such as Pingdom and GTMetrix and reduce errors in the developer console on browsers.
  • Enhance SEO practices on the website to optimise appearances in search engines.
  • Minimise the amount of HTTP requests to other websites to speed up website loading times.
  • Bundled and "minified" the static files on the website, such as JavaScript and CSS Stylesheets.
  • Removed invalid and missing elements and pages


Can highly recommend Ben, is working with me on various Web sites and video products. Great work ethics and really impressed with his honest attitude and professional approach for such a young lad. Well done Ben!

Migration of Castle Surveyors

Wayne had approached me regarding the server hosting his website and wanted a backup server as well as a new domain in the case he suddenly needs to change hosting and can keep his flow of business. I provided him with a reputable hosting company and domain provider, which I assisted him in purchasing and setting up with. I was requested that I complete a full migration of the website - which required database administration and WordPress re-configuring for the new domains and databases.

The timescale set was 3 working days. The first day I spent taking a backup of the databases and website from the old hosting provider and database software. Having worked with his website system before, this meant I was already familiar with his hosting configurations. Once I was provided with the new hosting providers login credentials, I was able to import the previous configurations once I had changed the domains in the respective system files. The second day was set around updating all canonical links for pages and scanning the database for any incorrect links to the domain. The theme that Castle Surveyors uses also comes with a font family for icons in the footer, which had presented errors as it was trying to connect to the domain as it was linked to in the style sheet of the theme. The third day was when I contacted Wayne to test all the contact forms on the website, which were the key part for him to make business. Once he confirmed he received all the outputs, we agreed the project was successful and all was completed.

Original Speed Test

Original website speed test showing Castle Surveyors website scoring low scores below 67% with a 9 second loading time.

Optimised Speed Test

Optimised website speed test showing the new version of the website with 74% scores and a 6 second loading time.