Do You Know Your Data?

Camera Operation

Motion Graphics

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

Audio Mixing

Project Introduction

Do You Know Your Data is a theoretical TV broadcast created as a coursework project. The requirements were use of motion graphics, on-location videography, green screen and an interview. In this project, I utilised the Adobe suite to create a high-quality broadcast that would effectively show the (theoretical) audience a deeper dive into his data is handled online.


Click the links below to see my final documentation for the production. These materials all met the full critera for distinction level and allowed me to create the production fairly easily as the ideas were discussed and laid out prior to production. (Any company names mentioned in these documents are all used theoretically and for education)

Pre-Production Materials

As with the majority of coursework pieces, the assignment began with creating all the necessary pre-production materials, such as legal and ethical considerations, risk assessments, budgets and treatments to effectively outline the idea of the production and the success rate.


The storyboard for this production was only required to show a brief explanation of each main scene, including all of the key points needed for the distinction critera (green screen, interview, motion graphics, etc.). The majority of my production was planned to use motion graphics as I wanted to advance my skills inside of After Effects, so these were roughly drawn and accompanied by sample materials.

Storyboard for Do You Know Your Data

Sample Materials

The assignment required a few pieces of sample materials to show an idea of production. In a realistic situation, the sample materials would be provided to the companies funding the production and the broadcasting company. I opted to create an introduction sequence, an example graphic as an image, that I would then animate inside of After Effects in the post-production stage, and a lower third.

Motion Graphics

From the initial generation of this idea, I wanted to make this a very motion graphics-heavy production that matched with the theme of digitalisation and being modern. The primary way I achieved this style was through the way I animated screenshots (the "B-Roll" of the program). Each screenshot was individually animated inside of After Effects, using motion blur and keyframes.

Keyframes inside of After Effects

The second way I achieved this digital theme was by carefully using the colours from the brand discussed, staying within their brand guidelines (Zooms blue, Tiktok's Red/Pink) and using real-life screen captures and recordings to keep the footage realistic.

The Finished Broadcast

The outcome of the project was a 5 minute 30 second video that met all the necessary criteria of a high quality that received a distinction grade. You can watch the final video below.

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