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Website Development

Website Design

Search Engine Optimisation

Digital Infrastructure

Project Introduction

Driftwood Kitchen contacted me in November 2021, looking for an newly designed website that they could manage easily and that would represent them in the best way possible online to any future customers. Being based in Highcliffe, I was able to easily understand their requirements and the demographic they were trying to target, due to my previous work with Bistro My Way. The main criteria for the brief was that the owners of Driftwood (Tina & James) could easily update the information they needed to — opening times, menus and a gallery page.

Digital Infrastructure

  • Uniformed email addresses accessible through their Gmail account
  • WordPress Content Management System to update menus, images and content on pages.
  • Integrations with social media to show Driftwood's activity on social platforms

Website features

  • Responsive Design making navigation for customers on mobile, desktop and tablet all have a smooth experience and can find the information needed
  • Well-navigated menus so customers can find the information they want and quickly
  • Precise search engine optimisation to ensure ranking in search engines
  • Static generation for fast and optimised loading speeds

Design & Development

Initial Design

The design created met the cafe's clear goals of having all information front and centre, allowing for customers to have easy access to what matters most; the menus, contact information and opening times. The shades of blue used matched the aesthetic of the cafe and also the coastal theme of Highcliffe. The design evolved inside of Adobe XD, using fonts from Google Fonts and colour generation through Coolors and Adobe XD, then further developing the site using PHP, CSS and HTML, wrapped in WordPress.

Website Design for Driftwood Kitchen

Homepage Layout

Most of the websites that I build use some type of column layout, whether it be a grid to showcase testimonials or images, or a column with text on one side and an image on the other. This is because these types of designs give the most information and also have a visually appealing layout. Driftwood's main focus is promoting their opening times, their menus and their offers, which made it easy for me to decide on what needed to be front and centre on the homepage.

The structure of columns on Driftwood's homepage


The navigation on the previous design was obvious, however not displayed in an appropriate way as it did not seem part of the website and instead 'thrown' onto the page. The new website is designed mobile-first, resulting in a responsive navigation bar. The navigation is fixed to the top of the page, enhancing the user experience by having instant access to navigating the sitemap.

The mobile navigation menu used on Driftwood's website

Editable Content

One of the main requests that Tina & James had for their new website was that they could easily update the main content — opening times, contact information, menus, etc. By using WordPress, they are able to update this information quickly and easily. Re-used components such as announcements and opening times are handled through widgets, with larger pages, such as the menus, managed through the WordPress page editor.

WordPress Widgets

Colour Palette

The colour palette used for the website was adapted from their original logo, merged with darker tones to establish more contrast through the website for those with accessibility needs. The colours used on the website went through various iterations, going from the ones used in the design file to the ones used on the final website. This was to match the tone of colours in the café itself, as well as matching the content on the website so it was easy to differentiate between buttons, links and text.

The colour palette used on the Bistro's website
Establishing wide angle photo of the Driftwood Kitchen interior, showing tables, chairs and coastal accessories. Establishing wide angle photo of the Driftwood Kitchen interior, showing tables, chairs and coastal accessories. Establishing wide angle photo of the Driftwood Kitchen interior, showing tables, chairs and coastal accessories.

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