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Adobe Premiere Pro


I am accountable for editing a large majority of the videos for numerous YouTube channels, one of which has amassed over 110,000 subscribers. Since starting editing from August 2019 to August 2020, I have edited over 5 million views, with each video having an average of 70,000 views. Working closely with the owner of the channel, I help provide ideas and insights for new videos, thumbnails, and other social media efforts.

I joined the [redacted] channel in August 2019 when the channel had 80,000 subscribers after contacting the owner of the channel as I was interested in a Summer volunteer position. After working with them for the Summer, the owner of the channel offered me a freelance position editing for them as I provided them with a continued high-quality product and helped them manage workflow, resulting in a more concurrent amount of videos being posted per week.

I've have expanded my skillset editing, being challenged with editing different types of videos, varying in length from 40 minutes of raw footage to a 4-hour live stream, in which I am tasked with cutting out invaluable content to make a more engaging final product. The software and tools that we have been using in our workflow are Adobe Premiere Pro (Video Editing Suite), Media Encoder (Ingest and Export Videos), Photoshop (Photo Manipulation), Discord (Communication) and Google Drive (Cloud Storage).


  • Edited over 5 million views
  • Surpassed 200,000 subsribers
  • Worked with various sponsors such as Thronmax and Dashlane
Screenshot of my Adobe Premiere Pro timeline editing a standard video.

Adobe Premiere Pro Timeline