Stride's Moorings

Commercial Videography

Video Editing

Camera Operation

Project Introduction

For my Level 3 Extended Diploma in Media, it was required that I produce a promotional video. I had to approach a local business and propose to them a promotional video. This included explaining the benefits of having a promotional video, providing them with a brief storyboard, and if they wanted to progress, I had to find out if they had anything they wish to be included. As part of the assignment, it was necessary that the video included an interview. Stride's Mooring is a local, family-run business that specialises in boat mooring and storage just off Christchurch Harbour in Fishermans Bank. I approached Nic Monks from Stride's Mooring in mid-December prior to the college submission to inform him of the reasons he should undergo a promotional video. We discussed what would be involved and the type of content that would suit his business.

Life Saving Ring facing Hengistbury Head/Mudeford Spit

Shooting the video

The promotional video was filmed across the space of 3 days. The first day was the interview recorded with the owner, Nic. as planned out in pre-production, the interview was setup in his workshop, with audio recorded on an external shotgun microphone with a light panel mounted on the camera resulting is a very sharp image - along with a 55mm f1.8 lens.

The second and third day were used to record any accompanying footage for the video (B-Roll) in which Nic had toured me around the moors and yard. This footage was shot with an 18mm lens to allow for the ability to scale in to specific parts of the footage


Post-Production began with editing down the interview sequence, starting by processing the audio shot externally by the shotgun microphone in Adobe Audition and then syncing with the footage of the interview, matching the raw audio from the camera with the processed audio from the shotugn microphone.

The edit took place in Premiere Pro and was built entirely upon the final interview edit. I began by placing the secondary footage I had shot on top of the relevant parts of the interview, where locations were mentioned, I'd add graphics that explain more detail.

The colour correction and grading was applied through the Lumetri Colour effect inside of Premiere Pro. It was important that the grade of the video matched the tone that the video should give - formal and welcoming.