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Website Development

Search Engine Optimisation

This website has two iterations. The first version was designed and developed in Wix to allow Meghan to quickly begin her online dropshipping journey. After a few very successful months, she wanted to move her website to Shopify, a professional eCommerce platform.

First Website (Wix)

I was approached by Meghan Marsh, the founder of The Teeny Kitchen, to help create their website that would allow them to effectively sell their products online. She had asked that we use Wix as it was a platform she was most comfortable with. We started off by discussing the intentions she had with her website and talking about any pre-existing design plans.

Design & Development

I started by laying out the sitemap of all the pages that were needed, such as individual brand product pages, recipe blog and configuring the membership pages. Meghan and I discussed the content that needed to be added, she drafted what she wanted and I enhanced the copy to effectively provide the information and engage her customers.

I configured Wix to have the necessary shipping details, along with setting up collections and the main product pages to allow her to easily add products in the future to the appropriate categories with the right information.

eCommerce & SEO

Wix provided several features that allowed Meghan and I to create a well-functioning store, such as the ability to easily add discount codes, track shipping and a number of other vital features that she can utilise for her online business. Meghan is also able to either manually add or import new products into her website, adding all the metadata necessary such as colours, sizes and other information and send it public with a click of a button.

Second Website (Shopify)

Decisions before the migration

Meghan reached out to me towards the end of March 2021 asking if I could work with her on migrating her website, The Teeny Kitchen, from Wix - which I had built for her at the start of the year to Shopify, due to the limitations she was starting to face with Wix after her business grew and the demand for products increased, along with the overall lack of quality that Wix provides in regards to the speed and quality of her website and its code.

Our initial conversation started by discussing the reasons for migrating, the specific outcomes of the migration and explaining the differences in how the website would run in terms of managing products, customers and orders. Meghan picked a theme that was similar to the design we had created on Wix and then gave me a rough outline of parts of the Wix website that she wanted to migrate over and parts that she wanted to change.

Home page of The Teeny Kitchen

Begining the migration

I started the migration process by manually migrating the 107 products she had on sale as this couldn't be done through CSV import as the images needed to be uncompressed and available in their original format, with the description format changing also. Following product imports, I then imported all the recipe blog posts, pages and the previous customer details through CSV.

After all the content was imported, I began to develop upon the theme that was picked, coding in Shopify's Liquid language, with standard HTML and CSS, with a focus on responsive design as 66% of the customers of The Teeny Kitchen used mobile devices, which was difficult to design for when using Wix due to the way that they handle viewport responsiveness.

Once all the changes were made to the overall design of the website, I migrated Meghan's email and transferred her domain from Wix to Google to keep everything in mostly one place and on Friday 22nd May, the new website was published and received over 500 visits in the first 2 days.

Shopify Product Management Jemima Black Changing Bag by Jem + Bea, avaliable at The Teeny Kitchen


Ben has helped me hugely on my new business venture – The Teeny Kitchen. He has developed my website with everything I needed and I am so pleased with the outcome. I sent Ben my logo and he was able to come up with a suitable colour scheme for the online shop so it looks clean and fresh for the customers. He has also gone through with me step by step on how to work certain areas of the website, so I am able to continue adding new products and editing my website without having to ask him every time which is really helpful for the future! Ben also did my SEO for me (something I knew little about) and went through with me how that works also. Nothing I asked Ben was too much work and he always completed his work quickly yet precisely. I am really pleased that I chose to work with Ben and would definitely recommend him to anyone considering!

Meghan Marsh
Founder of The Teeny Kitchen

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