Time Forgives You


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Oscar, a young adult (20s), is reminiscing about his past with his girlfriend who has just broken up with him. The film goes through a recap of what happened as he figures out where he went wrong.


Time Forgives You is a romantic coming of age development story between 2 characters, Oscar, and Sasha. Oscar and Sasha are young adults. Oscar is the typical 20-year-old male, who is in an emotively dominant relationship with Sasha. Sasha is also a typical 20-year-old female; however she is blindly manipulative and follows the world to her rules. Sasha gets bored of Oscar and leaves him after a night out at their local beach, causing Oscar to fall apart and spend a night at the beach tracing his steps back to where he went wrong, after being manipulated into thinking the end of the relationship was caused by him. After Oscar cleans himself up, he carries on with his life and becomes a more powerful and confident individual, alone, showing the power of an individual and how sometimes the wrong person impacts everything about a person.


Oscar – Oscar is a young adult in their 20’s who was in a relationship with Sasha. He has short brown hair and light stubble and is of average build. He is a happy go lucky character broken down by a one – sided relationship.

Oscar is played by Cameron Cheshire

Sasha – Sasha was Oscar’s girlfriend, also in their 20’s. She was a heavy influence in Oscar’s life and is quite a dominant character. She is entirely out for herself, accidentally manipulative, and does not realize the damage she does in the process. She is tall, with brown/ginger hair and brown eyes.

Sasha is played by Hazel Powrie

Production Photos

Cinematographer (Ben Green) shooting Scene 1 with Oscar (Cameron Cheshire) on Bournemouth Beach. (Left to Right) Kira Green (Producer), Hazel Powrie (Sasha) and Cameron Cheshire (Oscar) Photo of the production group after the day of filming (left to right) Cameron, Hazel, Kira and Ben

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