What Do I Do?

I specialise in brand communication through digital presence.

Being a Creative Digital Media student, I've been able to deeply expand my skills through a variety of different mediums, such as photography and film & production. In addition, through working with multiple clients, I've been able to optimise and make project management to offer my services seamlessly. If there's something you want to work with me on but it's not listed below, feel free to email me!

Website Development

Having a website that clearly shows your brand, product or your personality is vital to make any conversions into sales or contacts. I work closely and carefully with my clients to create a website that works closely with their needs. All websites are different — some require blogs, some require booking and contacts forms and some might just need to show pictures! Whatever your website is, I can work with you to create something you can be proud of.

I've always had a passion for websites and more recently the design choices that go into making a good website. I've been coding websites for 4 years using HTML and CSS, resulting in working with different brands, most recently Bistro My Way, who required a bespoke website with booking functinality and Castle Surveyors, who hired me to migrate and optimise their website.

Along with creating you a bespoke website using modern technologises, I can also assist with setting up web and email servers to effectively bring your business online. I can also recommend the most practical and cost-effective hosting service to hold your websites.

Bistro My Way ProjectCastle Surveyors ProjectsStarstuck Music Festival Project

What I Offer With My Websites

The below can be offered as part of the project and will be added to the total cost.

  • Mobile-responsive and optimised for search engine appearance
  • Bespoke designs catered to the needs of the client
  • Integrations with social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
  • Custom submission forms for bookings, emails, etc.
  • Custom graphics and photography

Website Hosting with Krystal

If you're not sure on how to get your website online or hosted, I can help you get setup with a secure server and also setup any email accounts you want linked to your domain. I'm an affiliate of Krystal Hosting and whenever I have clients needing website hosting, I sign them up to Krystal. I have used Krystal's services for the past 4 years. With high performing servers, cheap prices and amazing support, I heavily endorse Krystal and their services and you can sign up to them with my affilate link (see my privacy policy for information)

Although I am affiliated and do make revenue through commissions, I personally endorse Krystal and both my website and many clients of mine are hosted on it. You can try Krystal for 30 days and if you don't like the service, you can get your money back.

Search Engine Optimisation

A major part of having a website and engaging an audience is being able to effectively displaying your website in the major search engines — Google, Bing and Yahoo. I carefully research the content of your website, your target demographic and keywords relating to your website, along with creating a sitemap to submit to Google Search Console.

  • Creation of full-site sitemap
  • Precise keyword generation
  • Copywritten descriptions and titles for social media and search engine results
  • Website optimisation for results

I get my clients setup on Google My Business, adding their social media links, website and filling out all the relevant information for Google Maps to allow for future customers to find out the information they want at their fingertips. See Bistro My Way on Google to see how your business can look.

Website Optimisation

Having a fast website is just as important as having a beautiful website. If your pages take ages to load, you're risking losing your customers and audience and may result in feeding your competitors visitors, just because your website took those few seconds longer to load. I can carefully look through your website setups and make any changes to your backend or front-end to make sure that everything loads quickly and keeps your quality high.

If you're running a WordPress website with tonnes of plugins, poorly optimised themes and your site takes a while to load, I can fix this! Just take a look at Castle Surveyorsand see how I brought them more customers just by cutting 6 seconds off their loading speeds!

I offer a complete website optimisation package for £175, following guidelines governed by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and optimise your site for both desktop and mobile users. Read my blog post on how to speed up your website and if you want me to optimise your website, you can fill out the form at the bottom!

Commercial & Personal Photography

I've been a photographer since 2015, slowly maturing through the use of different hardware and understanding the technical mechanics behind photography e.g. exposure, composition, etc. I began in simple landscape photography. I began posting photos onto sites like Instagram which I still do to this day and have had photos in the Echo newspaper. I am now a seascape, landscape and portrait photographer, along with shooting the occasional sporting events. I have progressed to be a proficient photographer with the knowledge of both the hardware and the internal processes of the camera and am able to explain this to people and have passed my knowledge to others.

I am able to provide clients with high-quality images of various content - such as personal photography (weddings, friends, pets, etc.), commercial product or establishment photography.

Mudeford Quay Boats at SunsetSeagull over Mudeford QuayWheat Field Sunset

Film & Production

My experience in film & production ranges throughout the different roles that can be put in place - such as colourist, camera operator, editor and sound design. Thanks to my media course at college, I've been chucked in the deep end when it comes to figuring out production with independence. Working on a multitude of projects, such as the Stride's Mooring promotional video, Joely & Callum's wedding highlight and being a freelance editor, I've expanded my experience and know-how in a varity of cinematic areas, ready to work on new projects.

I'm experienced in the majority of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite and am extremely proficient in Premiere Pro and developing my skills inside of After Effects, allowing me to carefully develop narratives and informative video content.

Cinematic Showreel 2020

Technical Services

I've been working in ICT Support & Network Administration for the past 7 years, working in 2 schools managing student and staff Active Directory accounts, along with various other systems such as Avaya VOIP, Windows SCCM and Smoothwall Firewall. I was fortunate to have a one-week work placement at BCP Council to have real-world experience in a busy environment.

  • Experience managing servers using Windows Server, Active Directory/ADFS and managing DNS.
  • Experience installing and configuring Linux distributions
  • Experience using Hyper-V and other virtual machine management systems
  • Deep understanding of the Windows architecture/system.
  • Worked in education establishments and BCP Council in IT Support and management.

How do my projects work?

Different projects work in different ways, but they all follow a very similar structure. Obviously, website projects are much different than recording a short film, but they all start with the same task. Establishing a starting point, finding out what the goal of the project is and what it contains. See below for a simple structure of each project.

Before starting any project, I'll meet with my client to find out more about them and their project so I can cater to their brand and personality along with developing a trust between us to help them feel comfortable with delving into their project. Often, I'll meet with clients at local coffee shops, their own business establishment or over digital conferences through zoom or a phone call.

Payment depends on the type, length and level of the project. If you want to find out the quote of your project prior to beginning, please contact me. All website work will require a deposit to cover any technology costs. Hosting and domains are not included in pricing.

Get in touch!

Are you interested in working on your digital appearance or have general questions? I'm available to contact via a number of platforms. For business enquiries, contact me on LinkedIn or via email, or if you want to contact me for a non-business related matter, direct message me on Instagram!

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