Hi, I'm Ben Green, a 16 year old student, who has a huge passion for Digital Media in the fields of cinematography and photography, as well as a passion for anything including technology and computing. I am also a self-developed website designer and developer which I have expanded my skills over the past couple years.

Portrait of myself (Ben) holding my camera, a Nikon D5300.

My Experience

I am a developing photographer, cinematographer and website developer - along with having 5 years of experience in technical support. My expertise in website development is in HTML5 and CSS. I have 4 years experience and 2 qualifications in media - for cinematography, I am a camera operator and video editor, with 3 years of experience in the Adobe Suite, primarily Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom and After Effects. Within photography, I am mostly a landscape and portraiture shooter, however, I have established experience with the different genres.

My Skillset

  • Experienced in Premiere Pro CC (2015 and higher), Learning the capabilities of After Effects and Photoshop along with strong abilities in Lightroom.

  • Working with more technologies to advance my abilities and presence in the website development industry (HTML and CSS primarily).

  • Basic understanding of GitHub for development work for code management.

What am I doing now?

Right now, I'm at College, taking the Level 3 Extended Diploma for Media. This is a 2 year course and involves all the primary formats of media - Photography, Cinematography, Graphic Design (posters, logos, typography) and Website Design/Development. I'm also freelance editing for a YouTube channel which furthers my ability in cinematography. I am also on a work experience placement every Monday working in technical support for a school.

Other things I'm doing...

  • I'm freelancing in video editing positions for online creators & working with other creatives to collaborate to create changing content for various audiences and I'm also working on more projects such as BistroMyWay and Burt Education as a website developer and infrastructure manager.

  • I'm working as a volunteer IT technician in a local business to enhance my skills inside of Windows Server and other internal systems.


My experience in cinematography ranges throughout the different roles that can be put in place - such as colourist, camera operator, editor and sound design. Thanks to my media course at college, I've been chucked in the deep end when it comes to figuring out production with independence. The key project that helped me gain experience was creating a promotional video for a local business, in which we had to locate, produce and deliver a 1 minute video. Another project that allowed me to develop my experience was filming a wedding highlight for a colleague, allowing me to experiment with new audio setups to capture high quality audio in tricky situations along with gaining experience in 'run and gun' situations.

  • I have 4 years of experience editing within a number of NLE's (non-linear editors) such as HitFilm Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas and DaVinci Resolve resulting in quick turnaround times of high quality.

  • I colour grade and correct all my footage to carefully curate the theme of the video to what the client wants.


I've been a photographer since 2015, slowly maturing through the use of different hardware and understanding the technical mechanics behind photography e.g. exposure, composition, etc. I began in simple landscape photography, but as I progressed, I began posting photos onto sites like Instagram which I still do to this day and have had photos in the Echo newspaper. I am now a seascape, landscape and portrait photographer, along with shooting the occasional sporting events. I have progressed to be a proficient photographer with the knowledge of both the hardware and the internal processes of the camera and am able to explain this to people and have passed my knowledge to others.

  • I can produce high-quality photographs for numerous genres, such as portrait, landscape, commercial or real estate.

  • I deliver my photographs in less than 14 working days in a high quality using secure services.

  • I work with the clients' needs in mind, creating the images that they want and making them a reality.

Website Development

I've always had a passion for websites and more recently the design choices that go into making a good website. I've been coding all my own websites for about 2 years using HTML and CSS, resulting in working with different brands, most recently a Bistro in Highcliffe, a tuition company in the South Coast and a surveyor business. I am able to work with individuals and companies to create landing pages, contact forms and full websites in order to expand their online presence, along with analytics tracking and assistance building their brand online with logos and colour themes. As a result of having a background in IT and website development, I can also assist with setting up web and email servers to effectively bring your business online. I can also recommend the most practical and cost-effective hosting service to hold your websites.

  • I can provide enhanced SEO methods to increase your appearance in the major search engines

  • I create websites that are optimised for mobile and load quickly to retain user interest

Cinematography Portfolio

Strides Mooring - Promotional Video

This promotional video was created as part of my college course in order to build skills in cinematography, communication with clients and an understanding of the pre-production that takes place for creating media products. I worked closely with Nic (Owner of Stride's Mooring) to produce a video that would represent his business positively with the necessary information.

Joely & Callum - Wedding Highlight Film

"Ben was extremely professional on the day and nothing was too much for him. He went above and beyond to make sure our wedding video was perfect. Ben captured every part of the day but did so discreetly making use feel at ease. Thank you, Ben, for capturing the most amazing day of our lives!"
- Joely & Callum

Photography Portfolio

To see more of my most recent work, visit my Instagram profile! @benxgreen

Website Portfolio

To see some of the source code of my websites, you can visit my GitHub profile!

Graphic Design Portfolio


Updated on 06/04/2020